Cyprus Body Renew & Reset

Sign up for our 1-2 Day Holistic Body Reset Retreat, Luxurious serene natural setting.

Leave with a new sense of inner peace, greater sense purpose and wellbeing. Detox your body and mind. Take with you powerful tools back into your daily life, felling renewed and refreshed.


The liver is a powerhouse for detoxification and helping to keep our bodies feeling rejuvenated, energized, and well. Over time our livers can become burdened by exposure to toxins from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and even the products we use on our skin.

Discover simple yet amazing vital breathing techniques. Mindfulness is described as the psychological process of bringing your attention to to the external and internal experiences happening in the present moment, we will learn techniques to relieve stress and tips on how to implement mindfulness.

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8-9.30 am Detox Juice Breakfast

9.45 -10.45 Pilates Mobility & Strength 

10.45 -11am Energy Balls & Herbal Teas

11-12pm Supplements Dos and Donts

12.15-1.30pm  Super Detox Lunch 

2-3pm - Core Workout 

3.15-4.30 Hike 

4.45-5.30 Detox Dinner

5.45-6.45 - Breathing Workshop

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8-9.30am Detox Juice Breakfast

9.45-10.45am Positive Posture Pilates

11-12pm Meditation

12.15-1.30pm Super Detox Lunch

2-3.30pm Hike

3.30 -4.30pm Energy Ball Make and Taste workshop

4.30- 5.30pm Core and Stretch Workout

5.30- 6.45pm Detox Dinner