Natural Colon Cleansing

Flush the colon of any toxic build-up, will help you lose weight, improve digestive function and re-energize you.


irregular bowel movements, pain during bowel movements, constipation and so much more. Keeping the colon clean and healthy is a challenging task.

The colon is a muscular tube which absorbs all the nutrition from your food and nourishes your body with the same

A sluggish digestion, poor diet, stress (a big problem!), environmental toxins and food toxins can really take it's toll


There are lots of foods that help cleanse the colon naturally through diet. 

1. Apples - Pectin in apples helps in removing all the toxins from the colon and strengthening the intestinal lining. Apples are rich in fiber which helps in relieving your digestive tract of all obstructions as well.

2. Flaxseeds - rich source of fibre. The fibre and good fat in flaxseeds help in improving your digestion and in cleaning the colon as well.


3. Avocado - Optimize digestion by eating avocados daily. The rich soluble and insoluble fibers of avocado promote bowel movements and help in keeping the colon clean. They also help in reducing the likelihood of getting colon cancer.

4. Spinach - Green leafy vegetables like spinach offer a number of health benefits. One of them is colon cleansing. It also keeps the digestive tract free from all diseases.

5. Garlic - One of the most popular foods for most digestive issues, garlic is a super food for colon cleansing as well. Not only for the colon, garlic can do wonders in keeping your heart healthy.