Give up Plastic for Lent

Excellent article by Miranda Larbi

Lent is just 40 days. Six weeks isn’t loads but trust me, trying to go plastic-free for over a month is going to be a massive challenge. That means not buying any pre-packaged food, no bottles of fizzy water, no shiny bags of crisps, nuts or biscuits.

It’s a start and an opportunity to see just how much plastic we subconsciously consume every single day. Once you start noticing it, you’ll be horrified.

Lent shouldn’t be about going on a diet masquerading as piety. It’s a season of reflection, of dedicating time to God – and by proxy, our fellow beings. 

No one gives a crap if you eat chocolate or not…but you could choose to eat a chocolate that doesn’t come packaged in plastic (like Pana Chocolate, for example).

Why not take these six weeks to make an active difference – one that will impact animals, people and environments around the world?

We’re currently experiencing a ‘plastic smog’ in our oceans. You don’t have to go to places like West Africa or East Asia to see the impact. When we think about plastic pollution, it’s easy to conjure up images of shantytowns drowning in black plastic sacks or dirty beaches in far-flung developing countries. And while that’s not untrue, the terrifying reality is that we’re seeing the effect of our plastic addiction far closer to home; the Mediterranean Sea is, according to Plastic Pollution Solutions, ‘incredibly impacted’.

Article by Miranda Larbi

Metro Newspaper  

Sandy Donnelly