Energy in the office!

Are your employees lacking motivation and decreased productivity?


Negativity and low energy is not good for business.

Positive Educational Energetic workshops liven up the workplace and creates a more productive workforce all round.

Looking after your employees Health and Wellbeing by delivering educational, interactive fun workshops on a regular basis will boost energy and business!

Hour of Power

Research has shown that every single business improves when your brain is in a positive state rather than negative, neutral or stressed.

Book your workshop and TURBO BOOST your people

  • Energy Slump - Learn about superfoods and try our yummy energy balls

  • Wellness Wednesday - 45 Min High Energy Boxing/ Bootcamp style session or Pilates followed by 15 min stretch and relax

  • Marvellous Mindfulness - 80% of workers experience stress at work. A program to give employees the tools they need to manage stress and leave smiling.

  • Positive Posture Pilates - Learn proper body alignment and posture principles to help alleviate back pain.

  • Meatless Monday‚Äôs - Meat heavy diets have been linked to cancer, heart disease, inflammatory and autoimmune disease. Learn about alternative delicious protein sources.