Water for Weightloss



10 glasses of cold water, a day, burns an extra 300 calories.

Water is nature's secret to weight loss. It is a natural appetite suppressant. When you drink water, your stomach feels more full by the end of a meal than if you were to eat that meal without drinking. By not drinking water, you're prone to overeating and a lower metabolic rate. Not a winning combination, if you're trying to lose weight. Also, many people mistake thirst for hunger. If you are parched, your body cannot differentiate between true hunger and thirst. This may lead to frequent snacking or multiple helpings of a meal. Drinking water before and during meals will help to hydrate your body and lead to less hunger-pains throughout the day.

For many reasons, keep your body well-hydrated is possibly the main component of weight-loss and will help you achieve a healthy body and lifestyle in a shorter period of time.

Sandy Donnelly