Man of Action Crown Prince of Saudi is an 'Action Man'

As a British Lady with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, I recently moved to Saudi Arabia from the UK as a Fitness Consultant working with Ex Pats and Saudi ladies. 

There is still a huge divide between our cultures but at the end of the day we are all ladies trying to improve our health and fitness together. 

I teach many fitness classes, Pilates, Spinning, Power pump Boxing and more, ladies only and mixed. 

Ladies are very relaxed once they can remove their Abayas in the privacy of a studio or gym, but many need encouragement. I lead Health and Wellbeing Detox Retreats in Dubai and Europe, educating small groups to eat healthier and enjoy a variety of exercise. I also deliver Health and wellbeing workshops in the workplace and schools.

Initially I felt a little intimidated with the ladies fully covered, and had a feeling they were looking at me in my fitness clothing and not very impressed or unfriendly, but as I get to know the Saudi ladies, I love them, they are not only beautiful but have a gentle fun nature, once they feel comfortable with you. Many of the ladies, lack confidence. 

It is shocking that the majority of the ladies I work with are overweight and many definitely obese. This saddens me as they are so young, under 30 years old. 

For Saudi ladies, Fitness is a growing trend but a lot more changes and support from families and in the workplace need to happen to encourage more ladies to change their eating habits and incorporate physical activity into their lives.

These changes won’t happen overnight and can’t be a temporary quick fix, it has to be a lifestyle change. They need educating in nutrition and wellness. Diets are very unhealthy here, yet although I am based in a remote area, I still manage to buy fresh fruit and healthy natural foods.

KSA 3rd in World Obesity Ranking

The British Medical Journal has put the ratio of laziness and obesity in the Kingdom at 86percent, which is one of the main causes of diseases like diabetes - a disease affecting 25 percent of the Saudi population. 

Dr Khalid Al-Ajjaji is one of the experts who have expressed concern over the high rate of diabetes in the Kingdom. He said that a local study found that 70 percent of Saudis were overweight not obese. The most common cause of obesity is bad eating habits, lack of physical activity, late nights and eating late. ARAB NEWS   

Saud al-Qahtani, a media advisor to the Royal Court, tweeted that the Kingdom was on the path of “moderation without without moral breakdown” I totally understand and respect this, but husbands, Fathers, schools and workplaces really need to encourage their women to eat healthier and exercise, to join gyms and fitness classes with out corrupting public morals. They need the education and experience of the western world to share their knowledge.

This applies to men also. With the momentous social and economic changes the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is making, I hope the encouragement of health and wellbeing will be on his list. The Crown Prince is shaking up Saudi Arabia, I like the sound of his positivity and would be honoured to propose a plan to help the people of Saudi live healthier and longer lives, by implementing programs for schools and work environments. 

The "Man of Action” is definitely a real life Action Man

Sandy Donnelly