Back Pain Relief


Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability and sick days, costing the UK more than £10 Billion a year.

People with back pain, tend to move less. Blood flow needs to be stimulated and muscles stretched to encourage healing and improve movement. Your spine can misalign due to lack of activity. (If you have a serious medical back problem, seek your Doctors advice)

Pilates is recommended to help ease and prevent back pain. The strong focus on core (deep abdominal) strengthening creates stronger support muscles for the spine. Low back pain is often caused by structural imbalances in the spine. If you are sat at a desk for hours on a daily basis

Our bodies are not made to sit for extended periods of time, but when your office job calls for you to sit at a desk for hours on end, “you tend to hunch forward, your neck protrudes, and there’s eye strain. It’s stress that goes through your whole body.”

Pilates exercises target and switch the deep core muscles on, and builds strength in the support system of the spine.

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