Balance Alcohol with a Healthy Lifestyle

As a Fitness & Health Professional I am often asked do I drink alcohol and eat chocolate,

I certainly do, I am only human and a realist.

My passion is health and well-being  and I also love my social life with family, friends and networking, meeting new people.

I am happy in my fitness gear and equally in heels!

When I devise nutritional programs and fitness plans I work around the clients lifestyle and tailor it to fit around them.

I include sweet treats and a little wine, yes.

You do not have to put your social life on hold to reach your goals.

Your lifestyle habits can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your diet and exercise routine, especially around the festive season, when the invites flood in, in mid November!

You want to look good for the Christmas parties.

A little willpower and self-awareness you can very quickly form new patterns of behaviour that help, not hinder.

I try to avoid social gatherings Sun-Tues 

  • Plan an early morning workout
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quality over quantity, drink decent beverages and sip...

My Health Retreats are Alcohol free as we detox inside and out.


Sandy Donnelly